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UTZ Certification (Now Part of the Rainforest Alliance)

The UTZ certification program is now part of the Rainforest Alliance. The UTZ organization joined forces with the Rainforest Alliance in 2018 to create a better future for people and nature and to be an even better partner for the many stakeholders we work with. Since the merger, the UTZ certification program and the Rainforest Alliance Certified program have run in parallel. Simultaneously, the new agricultural standard was developed which builds on the strengths of both organizations and decades of combined experience.

With the launch of the 2020 Rainforest Alliance Certification Program in July 2020 and the introduction of the new Rainforest Alliance seal in September of that year, the UTZ certification program and its corresponding label are gradually being phased out.

That’s why you will see the Rainforest Alliance certification seal on more and more products. Just like the UTZ label, the Rainforest Alliance seal stands for farmers and companies taking steps towards a world where people and nature thrive together.

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Enquire Now 

Jaicy Joseph
(RA Programme Coordinator )
Phone No:04842922420
Emails: info@indocert.orgjaicy@indocert.org

Scope Of Operation

UTZ CERTIFIED has approved INDOCERT as a Certification Body to carry out UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside Code of Conduct and Chain of Custody certification for coffee Cocoa and Tea. With this INDOCERT could certify agricultural farms as well as producer groups.

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