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UTZ CERTIFIED is an independent non-for-profit organization developing and implementing worldwide certification standards and traceability systems for professional,socially and environmentally responsible commodity production and sourcing. UTZ CERTIFIED is a credible instrument for coffee, tea and cocoa farmers,cooperatives and producer groups to show their buyers that their product is produced in a professional way, with socially and environmentally appropriate growing practices and efficient farm management.

With its in-depth Code of Conduct,the program gives independent assurance of sustainable production and sourcing and offers online real-time traceability of agricultural products back to their origin.

INDOCERT is approved for offering UTZ certification for Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Herbs worldwide.

Scope Of Operation

UTZ CERTIFIED has approved INDOCERT as a Certification Body to carry out UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside Code of Conduct and Chain of Custody certification for coffee Cocoa and Tea. With this INDOCERT could certify agricultural farms as well as producer groups.