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Rainforest Alliance Certification

Rainforest Alliance

Sustainability standards and certification are transforming the way a business operates. The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices, and consumer behavior. Farms that adhere to the Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard take rigorous measures to “to help ensure efficient agriculture, and the protection of wildlife, biodiversity, workers’ rights, and local communities.” Certified farms, group administrators, manufacturers, and distributors can apply for use of the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal for products grown and sourced from certified farms.

INDOCERT certifies farms, groups and factories that comply with Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard and Rainforest Alliance Chain of Custody Standard.

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INDOCERT offer pre-assessment service and optional for Certificate holders (CH). Pre-assessment is a service in which INDOCERT analyze the level of compliance of an organization interested in being Rainforest Alliance-certified prior to any contracted certification service is provided. A CH can directly request INDOCERT to perform such service; however, INDOCERT is not obliged to fulfill the request. The pre-assessment service will never make the certification easier or cheaper.During the pre-assessment INDOCERT will only check the compliance with the standards requirements and report the deviation from the standards requirements as a normal audit process. However, INDCOERT may not strictly adhere to the sampling rules for number offarms and interview to be audited. During pre-assessment INDOCERT will not give advice,directions or instructions to close non-conformities. INDOCERT can provide advice to operators on what is needed to fulfill certification requirements, but it will not provide advice on HOW to fulfill the requirements. INDOCERT auditor performed the Pre-assessment will not perform any certification activities of the same CH.


Training is an optional service that INDOCERT offer to our CHs and public audience given that such an activity should not include any consultancy as defined in this document and should not affect the later certification process between INDOCERT and CH.INDOCERT submit to the Rainforest Alliance the training materials that we intend to use forsuch training services.The training programme is intended to disseminate various certification standards,procedure for Certification, the concept of Internal Control system (Group Certification).Please be ensured that INDOCERT training services has no consultancy is included in such a training session and attending training will make certification easier or cheaper.

We would love to know more about your inspection & certification requirements.

Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standard for farms & producer groups

The objective of the Standard is to improve conservation of biodiversity and natural resources, farm productivity and resilience, and the livelihoods of farmers, workers, and their families. The Standard requires farms and group administrators to analyze and consequently mitigate environmental and social risks caused by agricultural activities through a process that motivates continual improvement. Certified farms operate an environmental and social management system according to the complexity of its operation and in compliance with applicable local legislation.

We would love to know more about your inspection & certification requirements.

Rainforest Alliance Chain of Custody Standard

The Chain of Custody Standard establishes the best practices that a Participating Operator shall implement during the process of transforming products from certified farms in order to assure the traceability of these products throughout the supply chain.

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New applications for organic certification can only proceed up to the point of document review and preparation for inspection.On-site inspection will be scheduled after lifting of COVID restrictions. This also applies to extensions of scope and transfers that would normally require on-site inspection.