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Union for Ethical Bio Trade


UEBT is a non-profit association that promotes sourcing with respect. UEBT supports and verifies companies’ commitments to innovation and sourcing that contribute to a world in which people and biodiversity thrive. UEBT sets good practices for how companies and their suppliers source natural ingredients. UEBT is internationally recognised for its work advancing business contributions to sustainable development goals.UEBT’s certification of natural ingredients assures that a natural ingredient is sourced with respect for people and biodiversity. It attests compliance with the UEBT Ethical Bio Trade Standard. The UEBT standard consists of seven principles touching on important social, environmental and economic issues.

INDOCERT has been accredited by UEBT certification and verification services in accordance with the relevant provisions of the UEBT protocols applicable for the audits such as UEBT IMS Supply Chain Certification protocol or UEBT/UTZ Herbal Tea Supply Chain Certification protocol.


Scope Of Operation

UTZ CERTIFIED has approved INDOCERT as a Certification Body to carry out UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside Code of Conduct and Chain of Custody certification for coffee Cocoa and Tea. With this INDOCERT could certify agricultural farms as well as producer groups.

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New applications for organic certification can only proceed up to the point of document review and preparation for inspection.On-site inspection will be scheduled after lifting of COVID restrictions. This also applies to extensions of scope and transfers that would normally require on-site inspection.