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Sherin Varghese

4C/UEBT/Castor Success Coordinator

email: sherin@indocert.org
phone: 6282018608

Sherin Varghese is the 4C/UEBT/Castor Success Coordinator of INDOCERT. Sherin is passionate and intentional about creating a culture of inclusion and has led numerous efforts to develop RA,4C,Castor Success and UEBT operations at INDOCERT. Sherin has a rich experience to carry out RA certification coordination work and database administration work and audit activities with in India or abroad.

She is responsible for conducting audit and writing reports reviewing the operator file, preparing the conditions for certification after training and preparing certificates & presenting the file to Certification Committee. Sherin joined INDOCERT in 2019 and holds MBA in Agribusiness Management with Specialization in HR and Marketing and BSc in Botany.

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