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Jaicy Joseph

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Jaicy Joseph

Rainforest Alliance Programme Coordinator

email: jaicy@ec2-52-91-116-204.compute-1.amazonaws.com
phone: 04842922420

JAICY JOSEPH is INDOCERT’s Programme Coordinator for Rainforest Alliance (RA), reporting to Operations Manager/ Organic Inspection Coordinator Jimmy Benny Jacob. Jaicy serves on the company’s executive team and oversees all matters regarding development, implementation and maintenance of the RA certification. She is successful with excellent time management skills and shown exemplary efficiency in handling fast-paced, hectic situations of work environment. Jaicy completes organizational and management tasks that support the efforts of a variety of programmes under RAC.

Prior to INDOCERT she worked as farm supervisor in an organic farm at Soukya Holistic Health Centre

Jaicy joined INDOCERT in 2013 as ICO, Jaicy earned MSc in Horticulture (Post Harvest Technology) and BSc in Agriculture and Technology

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New applications for organic certification can only proceed up to the point of document review and preparation for inspection.On-site inspection will be scheduled after lifting of COVID restrictions. This also applies to extensions of scope and transfers that would normally require on-site inspection.