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What is GAP ?

“Collection of principles to apply for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food and non-food agricultural products, while taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability”


  •  Quality Council of India (QCI) came up with a voluntary certification scheme –
  •  INDGAP provides a mechanism which gives direction to introduce quality in the production system to ensure food safety and hygiene thereby increasing acceptability of the produce by consumers and food processing industry.

INDGAP is aimed to address:

  • Quality and quantity of the produce obtained from a unit area
  • Various aspects of food safety
  • Pre-and post-harvest practices including workers health and safety
  •  Sustained supply of produce of the desirable quality.

Certification option for GAP certification

  •  Individual Certification (Option 1): Individual producer applies for certification
    and gets certification.
  • Group Certification/INDGAP (Option 2): A producer/farmer group applies for group certification and the farmer group, as legal entity gets certification.

Benefits of certification

  • Ensuring quality & safety of product throughout the food chain
  •  Gaining market access
  • Maintaining consumer confidence in products
  • Environmental protection and social welfare an added advantage
  • Promote sustainable agriculture
  • Better price realization of the produce

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