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Syamkumar M.S

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Syamkumar M.S


email: syamkumar@indocert.org
phone: 9446419877

Syam Kumar M S is the ICO of INDOCERT, reporting to Organic Inspection Coordinator. He is a qualified inspector for NPOP, NOP, EU and Castor Code certification. He has experience in organic inspections (NPOP,NOP and EU).He is responsible to carry out inspection and certification of organic agriculture, input approval, organic processing and trade (feed & food), wild collection within India and abroad.

Syam has demonstrated excellence in conducting inspections and writing inspection reports and in reviewing the operator file, preparing the conditions for certification, preparing certificates & presenting the file to certification committee. Prior to INDOCERT, Syam worked as block technology manager at Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) in Agricultural Department KeralaHe spent the majority of his career in the research division, most recently as a research fellow at Kerala University of Fisheries And Ocean Studies (KUFOS) and as a research assistant at Kerala Agricultural University. Syam holds a MSc in Fishery Biology & Aquaculture from School of applied licence and BSc in Aquaculture from St.Albert’s College of Ernakulam.


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