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Soumya M S

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Soumya M S

Deputy Quality Manager (trainee) , NOP Coordinator

email: soumya@indocert.org
phone: 8590136602

Soumya joined INDOCERT, in 2020. She serves on developing PR strategies and campaigns of INDOCERT. She is focused in preparing newsletter, keynote speeches and promotional material and building positive relationships with stakeholders, media and the public. She is responsible for collaboration with internal teams (e.g. marketing) and maintain open communication with senior management, and serve as the company’s spokesperson. Soumya seeks opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships and advertisements. She addresses inquiries from the media and other parties, prepare and submit PR reports and manage PR issues.

Soumya possesses experience in carrying out inspection and certification of organic agriculture, input approval, organic processing and trade(feed & food), wild collection, mushroom) work within India and abroad. Soumya completed MSc in Food Technology & Quality Assurance from MG university and BSc in Botany & Biotechnology from Kerala University.

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