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Sneha. B. Nair

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Sneha. B. Nair

trustea Coordinator/Input Approval Coordinator

email: sneha@indocert.org
phone: 9567771942

Sneha B Nair is an Organic input approval Coordinator. She is focused on making INDOCERT an exceptional place to work and ensures that INDOCERT is achieving its mission. Sneha is keen on assessing the accuracy of records and certification processes.

Sneha is also responsible to carry out audit and certification of RA, trustea, organic agriculture, input approval, organic processing and trade (feed & food), wild collection, mushroom within India and abroad. Sneha has experience in organic certification, UTZ certification, RA auditing and trustea auditing. Sneha graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from UAS GKVK Bangalore.


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