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Shyamily Kuriakose

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Shyamily Kuriakose

Digital Analyst

email: digital_analyst@indocert.org
phone: +91 9539011163
education: MTech-CSE, BTech-CSE

Shyamily Kuriakose is the Digital Analyst of INDOCERT, She is responsible for INDOCERT’s Website modifications and monitoring. She is handling the database administration of INDOCERT. She is responsible for the maintenance, up-gradation and modification of Internal software and systems. She is also responsible for monitoring the safety and security of INDOCERT’s Digital assets, cloud , data servers and backup system functioning.

She is highly experienced in Computer programming. Previously she worked as a System administrator in HC. Prior, She worked as a Guest lecturer at Govt polytechnic Kalamassery and CBSE Computer Science teacher at Crescent and Al-Ameen International Public School, Ernakulam.

Shyamily holds Mtech in Computer Science & Engineering from ILAHIA and Btech Computer Science & Engineering from FISAT.

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