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Neethu S. Nair

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Neethu S. Nair

Organic Certification Coordinator

email: neethu@indocert.org
phone: 04842922404, 8590136603

Neethu is INDOCERT’s Organic Certification Coordinator, reporting to Operations Manager/Organic Inspection Coordinator Jimmy Benny Jacob. She plays key role in reviews, monitors and interprets organic certification. Neethu is very focused in plans, establishes, implements and evaluates appropriate policies and procedures which are suitable for the progress of INDOCERT.

Neethu oversees and coordinates organic certification activities of INDOCERT

She is also responsible for INDOCERT’s Qualified inspection and assessment for NPOP,NOP and EU certification since 2011.She is experienced in OSP review.

Prior to INDOCERT, Neethu served as Research Assistant in AMPRS Odakkali for 4 years and She holds BSc in Botany from Nirmala College, Muvattupuzha

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