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Mathew Sebastian

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Mathew Sebastian


born on: February 24, 1988
email: mathew.sebastian@indocert.org

Mathew Sebastian is the Executive Director of INDOCERT. He is a visionary, strategic planner and constant learner which has enabled him to launch INDOCERT, India’s first indigenous organic certification body. He has expertise on all aspects of business formation, operation, financing and management.

Mathew is a highly dedicated, enthusiastic and resourceful person with significant experience in the field of certification and standard development. He exhibits remarkable skill in tackling unprecedented challenges through the implementation of successful strategic plans. Mathew, who is focused on the development of policies relating to the operations, boldly steers his team towards establishing new horizons. Mathew guides and strategizes the business direction of INDOCERT in collaboration with INDOCERT’s Board members.

He is highly experienced in inspection and certification of farms, processing and trade based on various national and international standards for organic and sustainable agriculture. Besides, Mathew is a qualified lead auditor of Rainforest Alliance (RA) standards and an Instructor of RA 2020. He is also a lead auditor for ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System. Mathew holds Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Masters in Business Administration.



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