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Krishnaprasad K P


email: krishnaprasad@indocert.org
phone: +91-9946102265
education: M.Sc Microbiology, BSc Zoology
Krishnaprasad is the ICO of INDOCERT, reporting to Organic inspection coordinator. He has extensive knowledge and experience in microbial based Bio fertilizer , Bio control  and Organic inputs production. Prior to INDOCERT, he worked as Junior Scientist  at Poabs Biotech Pvt Ltd, Nelliyampathy and Senior Research Fellow at Cardamom Research Station, Pampadumpara. He has also worked as  Senior Research Fellow   in Regional Agricultural Research Station (Rice Research Station), Pattambi.

Krishnaprasad holds MSc Microbiology from Sree Narayana Guru College  and BSc Zoology from Govt. College, Chittur.

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