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Bini Varghese

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Bini Varghese

Quality Manager, RA Scheme Manager

born on: February 24, 1988
email: bini@indocert.org
phone: 9207971437

Bini Varghese is INDOCERT’s Quality manager and RA Scheme Manager, reporting to Executive Director Mathew Sebastian. Bini serves on the company’s executive team and oversees all matters regarding development, implementation and maintenance of the quality management system, monitors the performance and suggests corrective actions to the management. Bini is an unreplaceable member of the firm, responsible for maintaining accreditation of INDOCERT. She has repeatedly proven her ability to lead through diverse and challenging situations.

She is responsible for the establishment and continual improvement of the QMS processes, Monitoring the quality objectives, Maintenance of  Internal and external communication, Internal audit planning & management of INDOCERT. Bini joined INDOCERT in 2009, Bini earned MSc. in Applied Microbiology and BSc. in Industrial Microbiology & Zoology and Diploma in Organic Agriculture from Kerala Agriculture University.






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New applications for organic certification can only proceed up to the point of document review and preparation for inspection.On-site inspection will be scheduled after lifting of COVID restrictions. This also applies to extensions of scope and transfers that would normally require on-site inspection.