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It is to our notice that certain companies/exporters are making forged certificates in our name for their business.  The buyers beware of this fact and make necessary clarifications with us before entering into companies who are using certification in our name.  We are not responsible for any transactions on the basis of such forged certificates.
Please take notice that legal action will be taken against companies found making/using such forged certificates. 

Executive Director,                                                                          INDOCERT


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Latest News

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RSPH   Level 4  Award in HACCP management for Food Manufacturing"  training will be conducted by INDOCERT from Feb 3rd to 7th 2015.

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Rainforest Alliance certification according to Sustainable Agriculture Standard covers the environmental, social, labor and agronomic management of farms that cultivate crops like tea, coffee, cocoa, spices, fruit crops, coconuts, and cashew 

INDOCERT offers Rainforest Alliance certification for farms, farmer groups and processing units as per the following standards:


  • SAN Sustainable Agriculture Standard
  • SAN Group Certification Standard
  • SAN Chain of Custody Standard
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INDOCERT is recognized as equivalent certification body (listed from European Union in the List of inspection and certification bodies recognized from EU). On June 20th 2012 the European Commission implemented the Regulation (EU) No. 508/2012 by amending Regulation (EC) No 1235/2008 with the actualized and consolidated List of Third Countries and the List of Control Bodies and Control Authorities for the Purpose of Equivalence. Therefore no import authorization will be needed for import of organic products certified according to INDOCERT organic standards.INDOCERT’sEquivalency is applicable in the following areas:  


*  Unprocessed plant products

*   Organic Aquaculture Certification for Individual farms, farmer groups, hatchery

*  Processed agricultural products for use as food Processed agricultural products for use as feed

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HABC Level 4 Award in HACCP Mangement for Food Manufacuring Training Programme  will be conducted  by INDOCERT from December 05th to  09th 2016 at INDOCERT Office ,Aluva
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INDOCERT have been included in the Swiss list of control bodies or control authorities that can provide equivalent guaranties for products produced in accordance with the organic production rules laid down in Article 22 of the Swiss Ordinance of Organic Farming SR 910.18.Certification bodies which are recognised by the FOAG as equivalent with respect to Article 22 of the Organic Farming Ordinance, are entered in the list of recognised certification bodies and inspection authorities in accordance with Article 23a. This equivalent guarantee is for products certified as per INDOCERT Organic Standard for Non EU country operators.