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It is to our notice that certain companies/exporters are making forged certificates in our name for their business.  The buyers beware of this fact and make necessary clarifications with us before entering into companies who are using certification in our name.  We are not responsible for any transactions on the basis of such forged certificates.
Please take notice that legal action will be taken against companies found making/using such forged certificates. 

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INDOCERT has an appeals-handling process to enable its clients to appeal against the decision which does not result into acceptable resolution or where the proposed procedure is unacceptable to the appellant or other parties involved.
This appeals-handling process shall provide for an independent and impartial appeal process. Any client can submit an appeal against the decisions taken by INDOCERT.
The appeal is only received through written or printed format.
INDOCERT provide an option for the appellant to access its appeal-handling process through website or printed media.
It is also make sure that the personnel involved in the appeals-handling process are different from those who carried out the audits and made the certification decisions thereby maintaining its policy of impartiality.
INDOCERT will not take any discriminatory actions against the appellant for submitting the appeal.
The decision regarding the appeals is reviewed, approved and communicated by Quality Manager to the appellant and also the he/she is not previously involved in the subject of the appeal.
A) Receipt of appeal
Appeals shall be made formally, in writing, not later than 30 days from the date of intimation of the decision of INDOCERT FSMS Certification Scheme.
INDOCERT constituted administrative personal to receive the appeals related document and will be entered into the Appeals Receipt Register provided with reference no.
On receipt of appeal letter, the administrative personal will attach the appeals related document to the Appeals form and forwarded to the Quality Manager who acknowledge the receipt of appeals letter.
B) Appeal Evaluation and Investigation
The Quality Manager is responsible for conducting investigation, evaluation and submit the report indicating the necessary action/or actions to be taken in response to it.
He/She will act as assessor and conduct a review of all documents related with certification activities:
    A) Application form 
    B) Audit report 
    C) Corrective action request form 
    D) Certificate documents 
    E) Appeal documents 
    F) Additional facts presented if any,
After assessing all the related documents and also personally gathering necessary information’s regarding the authenticity of the appeal/appeals, he/she will prepare a detailed report to be forwarded to the appeals committee.
While making the report, he /she shall take into account the results of previous similar appeals to get better insight and guidance on the resolution of the appeal process. 
The progress report regarding investigation will be intimated to the appellant by Quality Manager. 
The Quality Manager record and keep a track of all appeals, including the action taken to resolve them, by filing them in the respective client’s file.
As per the report submitted by the Quality Manager, the Appeals Committee will review the case. Appeal Committee consists of at least two members selected from the panel of experts other than those who have taken the respective certification decision and is proposed by the Quality Manager and appointed by the President. The President of INDOCERT will convene the proceedings of the Appeals Committee. The Quality Manager is responsible for conducting investigation, ensuring impartial appeal methods are practiced, and involvement of personnel without conflict of interest.
The Appeals Committee is responsible for hearing the appeal and giving an impartial judgment. The appeal committee will go through the report and discuss the matter in question in detail. The appeals committee will meet when appeal cases come up, within a period of maximum one month after an appeal has been filed. The necessary quorum for conducting an appeal committee meeting is three members. In case the quorum cannot be formed, the meeting will be postponed. The appeal committee will take decisions on the cases in which client has submitted an appeal against a certification decision of INDOCERT.
The appeals committee has the following powers: 
    • To deny or grant certification
    • To impose, modify and withdraw sanctions and conditions
    • To order for re-audit
The appellant would be provided an opportunity to formally present its case if required before the INDOCERT Appeals Committee. Appeal findings including the reasons for the decision taken will be informed to the appellant in writing. The Quality Manager will inform the client the following conditions or non-conformities to be met for the resolution of particular criteria.
The final decision on appeals will be taken by the President of INDOCERT. Appeal letter and decision taken details are filed in the client file for future references. 
The Quality Manager will provide the appellant with a formal notice regarding the end of the appeals-handling process.
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Appeals & Complaints handling Procedure

If you want more information fill in this form. You will be contacted as soon as possible.
Please fill in all required fields.
  1. Complaints and Disputes

Complaints are considered as a chance for improvement. Complaints against or disputes with staff, operators or the general performance of INDOCERT shall be dealt with internally unless it is of major significance and need to be brought to the notice of the BoT.

  1. Complaints have to be dealt with if they are received in writing indicating the complainant (anonymous complaints will not be dealt with). Verbal complaints have to be communicated by the complainant to an INDOCERT staff member. Upon receipt of a complaint, INDOCERT will confirm whether the complaint is related to certification activities for which it is responsible and, if so, shall address it. INDOCERT will acknowledge receipt of a formal complaint. INDOCERT will take any subsequent action needed to resolve the complaint. INDOCERT will gather and verify all necessary information (as far as possible) to progress the complaint to a decision.

  2. The ED will decide whether it will be dealt with depending on if there is sufficient information available. The ED will handle the complaint himself or delegate it to the Certification coordinator unless he/she is not affected personally (see E.2.2) according to the procedure described in E.2.1 FO Complaint Handling. To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, personnel (including those acting in a managerial capacity) who have provided consultancy for a client, or been employed by a client, shall not be used by INDOCERT to review or approve the resolution of a complaint for that client within two years following the end of the consultancy or employment.

  3. All complaints and its related documentation shall be collected in the complaint file. The Quality Manager assures that the complaints are documented and informs the complainant accordingly. An overview of the complaints E.2.1 TE Complaints Overview is placed for a review of the performance of the inspection and certification systems of INDOCERT to the BoT as well as the Advisory Board.

  4. In possible cases , IDOCERT give formal notice of the outcome and the end of the complaint process to the complainant.

Referred documents

  • E.2.1 FO Complaint Handling

  • E.2.1 TE Complaints Overview

  • E.2.1 FO INDOCERT Operator feedback form

  1. Complaints against the ED or the Trust

    1. Complaints against the Trust as such, or against the Executive Director of INDOCERT must be forwarded to the BoT and need to be handled and decided by the BoT. The sender of the complaint must be informed in writing and the complaint and its documentation need to be collected in the complaint file.
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