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It is to our notice that certain companies/exporters are making forged certificates in our name for their business.  The buyers beware of this fact and make necessary clarifications with us before entering into companies who are using certification in our name.  We are not responsible for any transactions on the basis of such forged certificates.
Please take notice that legal action will be taken against companies found making/using such forged certificates. 

Executive Director,                                                                          INDOCERT


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  Organic Agriculture

Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soil, ecosystem and people.It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and biological cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of synthetic inputs with adverse effects.Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality life for all involved. 
All over the world,standards are developed by different countries for organic production to monitor and control organic trade. The choice of the most appropriate organic certification standard depends mainly on the final market of the organic product. The products must be certified based on those standards required by the importing countries in order to market them as “organic". INDOCERT organic crop production certification services will provide you with a reliable and cost effective certification to facilitate the strategic positioning of your organic products in the global organic markets.
INDOCERT provides organic crop production certification as per following standards:
(i)  National standards for organic production (NPOP), Govt. of India
(ii) European Union regulations for organic production rules equivalent to EC.No.834/2007
(iii) United States organic standards USDANOP (National Organic Programme).

Steps for INDOCERT Certification

Initial Application

As the initial step for getting INDOCERT certification,the operator (the person responsible for the unit to be certified)has to contact the INDOCERT office. Upon request INDOCERT sends a detailed application package including the application form and procedure for INDOCERT certification. To apply for certification the operator needs to complete the application form and submit the filled in application form to the INDOCERT office.

Pre-inspection procedure

After receiving the filled in application form, INDOCERT sends an offer for inspection and certification along with the scale of fees. On accepting the offer, the operator needs to send 75 % of the offer fees as advance in the form of DD in favour of M/s. INDOCERT payable at Alwaye.


Upon receipt of the advance payment, INDOCERT, in consultation with the operator, fixes the date and time for inspection. Prior to the inspection the operator must sign the inspection and certification contract. During the inspection, the INDOCERT inspector will inspect your operational activities with regard to your compliance with the chosen organic standards. Specific questions about measures to be taken to ensure compliance can be discussed at that point. At the end of the inspection, the findings will be discussed and documented in the inspection report. The operator acknowledges the inspection report with his/her signature and receives a copy of the same. The original inspection report will be forwarded to INDOCERT office for further certification process.

Balance Payment

After inspection, the total inspection and certification costs are finalised and an invoice is sent to the operator. The operator must send the remaining amount of the final invoice to INDOCERT.


Upon receipt of the full payment, INDOCERT will review the inspection report and the file will be submitted to the certification committee. If additional documents are required, a communication will be sent to the operator. 

Certification decision

The certification committee will take the certification decision based on the available documentation. Certification decisions will be intimated within two months after the inspection report, payment and relevant documents (if any) has been received at INDOCERT. 


If the operator does not accept the certification decision, he/she can request for reconsideration of the decision in writing. Then the case will be submitted to the certification committee for re-consideration. If the operator still does not agree with the revised decision, he/she can appeal to the appeals committee in writing within 30 days of the notification of certification decision. The file will then be submitted to the appeals committee, which takes final decision on the case.
For more information about Organic certification contact INDOCERT
Click here to download procedure for certification: Procedure for Organic Certification
Click here to download procedure for certification of grower groups: Procedure for Grower Group Certification